Type: Individual Project

Unit:  Offender Treatment Plans

Due Date:  Sun, 9/4/16

Deliverable Length:  Completed matrix; 1-page summary

When looking at various assessment and diagnostic techniques, an individual must know how to accurately classify offenders. The best way to get this experience is by completing the Adult Offender Matrix. The purpose of the matrix is to assess both the types of crime and offender.

Complete the Adult Offender Matrix linked below by placing an x in the appropriate cells. Write a 1-page summary explaining why you made the decisions for your offense classifications.

Complete the Adult Offenders Classification Matrix by categorizing the characteristics of status, non-violent, violent, chronic, and serious offenses.

Note: Some actions may fall under multiple classifications.

Action Status Offense Non-violent Offense Violent


Serious Offense
Simple Battery        
Credit card fraud        
Drug dealing        
Auto theft        
Aggravated assault        
Drive-by shooting        

Assignment Guidelines:

· Complete the Adult Offender Matrix linked above.

· In a 1-page Word document, explain how you came to your decisions for offender classification.

· Were there any classifications of which you were unsure?

· What other problems did you come across?

· Place your completed matrix and Word document in a .ZIP file, and submit it to your instructor.