Conceptual development of a customer experience model for B2B services

Table of Content 1. Introduction a. What is customer experience? b. The importance of customer experience c. Research worthiness? Why is this research? what really exist and not d. Research Qs e. Methodology ( how are we going to answer the Qs) 2. Peculiarities of B2B services a. B2B services characteristics b. B2B vs B2C c. Products vs services vs product-service bundles 3. Comparison of existing CE models a. Existing CE models (add more comparison criteria while reading) Author Model CE Definition Application Field Author Model II CE Definition Application Field Author Model III CE Definition Application Field b. CE models matrix (show also the relevance of your research, in other words the research questions) 4. Development of a CE model for B2B services 5. Case study illustrating the B2B services CE model 6. Conclusion a. Management implications b. Limitation c. Future outlook

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