Conceptualization and Operationalization

This week we are learning about Conceptualization and Operationalization. In this writing assignments I want you to think about your paper topics and annotated outlines, which you have submitted and  Reflect on how you are conceptualizing your key terms (what do you mean by them, which indicators could help you measure them? E.g religiosity could be your concept and attending services one of the indicators)Think about how you are operationalizing your key concepts, meaning how do you think they could be measured? What are potential validity/reliability issues?writing assignments are supposed to help you apply the class concepts to your own ideas and to practice your writing in preparation for the final research paper. Your writing assignment should be 2-3 pages in length. A couple of important points:Make sure to introduce any concepts from the class material you are referring to (briefly explain what they are).Be sure to cite, meaning use in-text citation in the (author, year) format and provide a short reference list or list of sources at the end of your write-up, using a standard citation format, e.g. APA.

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