conflict theory and symbolic interactionism theory 

apply one or more theories to your favorite film or television series (Structural Functionalism, Symbolic Interactionism, and/or Conflict Theory). I will be focusing more on content, ideas, and your application of the theory/ theories to your film or television series. Include a works cited page following the conclusion if you borrow ideas from another person, organization, and/or external source. Cite your sources when appropriate as you can use any citation format you want MLA as long as you remain consistent throughout the entire paper. Symbolic Interactionism – Attach meanings to symbols in everyday life. – Meanings and symbols within a film, (ie. Disney films, etc.) – Status symbols, clothing, places, wealth, etc. – Characters meaningful interaction with others and their world Conflict Theory – The competition for scarce resources, Power struggle, and/ or Bourgeoise Vs. Proletariat – Ruling class’ oppression over the working class – Bourgeoise owning means of production or limited resources, power, control – Ones in power creating rules that are self-serving, oppression of another group – Power Struggle leading to revolution (Marvel films, etc.)

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