Consider The Ethical Theories That Will Impact Your Decision Process. (Due On Nov 22 At 11:59 Pm)

Ethical Dilemma Decision Making

We make decisions every day of our lives.  It seems they should get easier as we walk through life yet each decision brings variables; we do our due diligence but it still can be a challenge to decide if we should choose this option or that option.

When the decision involves an ethical dilemma, we are forced into making a decision where there are two choices but, in choosing one, it could cause harm for the option not chosen.

Question: Consider the ethical theories that will impact your decision process.  Examine how these three ethical theories will be considered in making this decision:  Duty, Consequentialism, and Cultural Relativism.  Use this format: Define the theory Explain how it will impact the decision  

3 pages APA format

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