COVID-19 and it’s impact on well-being.

ou will have to do some research on what COVID-19 is, the history of COVID thus far (where and how it started), future research being done on COVID-19, etc. Then you will need to take the information and relate it to “well-being”. Well-being can be described in and supported by many ways. In this course we cover a variety of concepts on the idea of “well-being”, from social (interacting with people), biological or developmental (health and nature vs. nurture), Abnormal (mental disorders), etc. You may need to look into future chapters, but take all these into account and write about the aspects of well-being that stand out to you. You will examine questions such as (and consider more questions as you do your research): How society changed? How social interactions changed What are the positive AND negative impacts these changes have had on us (e.g. Negative = less in-person interactions vs. Positive = cleaner air). Has human behavior changed? (TP shortage! Aahhh) Introduction: A paragraph or two about what the topic is about. Familiarize the reader of what you will be writing about and why. Explain the focus of the paper. You can give an overview of COVID, how things in society changed due to the virus, what you will talk about in the next paragraphs, etc. Findings: This is the bulk of your paper. These paragraphs will be the content of the topic. You will present relevant background and contextual material about the topic. You can define terms or concepts, for explain what does COVID-19 stands for, what is a coronavirus, what is the idea of wellbeing, what theories or concepts from the book relate to, or help explain well-being, etc.? Discussion/Conclusion: Discuss the relationship between the topic and your findings. In this case, help build a connection between COVID-19 and the multiple forms of well-being (physical/biological, mental, spiritual, social, etc.). Why is this relevant or important? You can even suggest what about this topic needs further research. Reference page: Cite any book, video, or articles you used, etc. you used.

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