Cr Law

Submit your Answers in an Attachment. 1) While arguing with his neighbor, Sam pulls out a Swiss Army knife with the intent of merely frightening him. Sam accidentally hits his neighbor’s arm with the knife, resulting in a slight nick. Unbeknownst to Sam, his neighbor is a hemophiliac and dies as a result of this minor wound. Select the most serious offense for which Sam could be convicted. A) murder B) involuntary manslaughter C) voluntary manslaughter D) battery Explain your answer. 2) Tina hates her teacher, Mrs. Gold, for recently giving her a low grade on a big project. One night, Tina sees Mrs. Gold walking down the street, pulls out a gun, and fires four shots at her. Although none of the bullets directly hits Mrs. Gold, one of the shots ricochets against a wall, and hits her in the head, instantly killing the woman. Select the most serious offense for which Tina is likely to be convicted A) murder B) voluntary manslaughter C) involuntary manslaughter D) assault Explain your answer. 3) While walking through the park, Brian, an indigent man, decided to rob someone. As a man walked by, Brian leaped from behind a tree and accosted him. Though he intended only to rob the victim, in the scuffle Brian punched him in the mouth, causing him to fall to the ground. Brian then grabbed the man’s wallet and fled. Unbeknownst to Brian, the victim suffered a skull fracture when his head struck a rock and he subsequently died from his injuries. Brian is most likely to be successfully convicted of A) murder B) felony murder C) involuntary manslaughter D) voluntary manslaughter Explain your answer. 4) John and Joe were walking along the street when they saw Bill. John turned to Joe and said, “Hey, there’s Bill. He’s owed me a lot money for over a year! Give me your gun. I’m gonna blow him away!” Joe gave John the gun and John proceeded to shoot Bill to death. As Joe and John turned to flee, Joe asked for his gun exclaiming “I think the weasel’s still alive,” and proceeded to fire two more shots into Bill’s body. Bill died from the first shot fired by John. What is the most serious crime Joe is likely to be convicted of A) attempted murder B) murder C) assault with a deadly weapon D) concealment of a deadly weapon Hint: Remember liability/accountability for the acts of others Explain your answer. 5) Discuss the Felony Murder rule and the ways different jurisdictions might handle it. · How does the common law definition differ from the suggestions provided under the Model Penal Code? · What was the Redline decision? · How do you think the issue should be handled?

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