Creative Nonfiction

This assignment asks you to provide an analysis of the elements of creative nonfiction on display in David Foster Wallace’s “Consider the Lobster.” Please write 2 pages (minimum 750 words) analyzing the following characteristics of this piece.All course materials provided – please check LibGuideHow does Wallace develop the setting in this piece? What does it feel like? How does he achieve that feeling and why might he be striving to make the reader feel that way?How does Wallace use research to support his narrative? There are two different elements of research on display in this piece: 1) the details of Wallace’s experience at the festival itself and 2) the research he has done before and after the actual event to help inform himself and the reader. How are both elements working on the reader of this piece? How is he employing them and how are they affecting the reader?In what ways might Wallace’s piece inform how you approach (or how you WILL NOT approach) your own creative nonfiction pieces? Why? Be specific.

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