Critical Thinking Assignment On Power

POWER IN MY LIFE – MY STORY  (See Week 4 module to submit your assignment)

I. TELL YOUR STORY: Use the definitions in the Rockwood Handout on Sources of Power to tell the story of power in your own life. Please discuss at least 6 sources of power in your paper, and use examples from your own life to help explain each source of power.

II. POWER OF MEDIA: Media has a special role in our lives and in society. Explain the power of media in your own life, using examples to tell this part of your story.

Please address ALL of the following questions in your paper:

a. Sources of power:  What sources of power have you used in your life? What sources of power have you seen others use? Give examples from your own experience for each source of power you discuss.

Also, for each source of power you’ve discussed, explain the way power was used in that particular circumstance. Are these sources of power used coercively (power over others), cooperatively (power with others) or individually (power within)? Why? Are they a combination, depending on the circumstance?”

b. Media and Power in your Life: What power does media have in your life? What do Chomsky and Shirky say about the power of the media? Do you agree with Chomsky or Shirky – does the media have “power over” you or does it “empower” you and others around you? Use specific examples to explain the type of power that media has in your life, especially new forms of media (based on your own experience).

NOTE: You must discuss AT LEAST 6 different sources of power from the Rockwood Leadership handout in your paper. Use the definitions to help explain each example that you write about in your story.


  • LENGTH: Your paper should be about 3.5-4 pages (typed)
  • GROUP WORK: You may do the assignment individually, or with a partner (2 people can work together on ONE paper.) NOTE:  if you choose to work with others, you will receive ONE grade for the paper. (Please include your initials on the sections you are responsible for) Make sure you review each other’s work – your grade depends on it.


a. USE THE ROCKWOOD HANDOUT (from Week 1) for definitions of different sources of power, and your notes from our class discussion about who has power in our lives. You can also use your own discussion forum post as a starting point for your analysis of power.

POWER CHART (from Week 1): You may also use the additional chart below which contains examples for each type of power:

Power Chart  

 (Links to an external site.)

Links to an external site.

(found online by one of your classmates)

b. Media Sources – See Week 3 and 4 for materials on the media

If you have any questions, please email/message me or ask me in class BEFORE the DUE DATE!!!!


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