Critical thinking question

?PSYCH 21 Directions: Choose one critical thinking question and write a minimum of five sentences: in response to that question. The critical thinking questions can be from chapters seven and eight. Next, write a minimum of five sentences in response to the personal application question. Please cite an outside resource in APA format in your response to the personal application question. Follow the rubric.PART 1 – Critical Thinking Questions (Half Page)Chapters seven and eight1.Describewhatthemeaningofattitudeis.Doyoubelievethatsomeone had an attitude about you? How did that make you feel?2.Describewhatpersuasionis.Doyoufeelthatyouhavebeeninasituation where someone has tried to persuade you to do something? Describe the situation and what did you do about it.3.Whatarethefourfunctionsofattitudeandhowdotheyworktogether.4.Explainwhatfoot-in-thedoortechniqueis.Hasanyonetriedtousethat technique with you? Describe the incident and what you did about it.5.Describewhatcognitivedissonanceis.Whenyouapproachcognitive ds sonance in your own life what do you do to manage it.II.Personal Application(Half Page)1.Do you believe that you had an attitude about a particular person, place or a thing? How did that develop? What were your cognitive processes around that attitude?2.HaveyoutriedtopersuadesomeonetodosomethingDescribe what your motivation was to persuade them and how you came to that belief.3.Describeoneofthefunctionsofattitudeandhowyouemployitinyour daily life.4.Haveyoueverusedthe-foot-in-thedoortechniqueonsomeone?Describe the incident and what your motivation was.5.Haveyoueverbeeninasituationwhereyouhavetriedtomakeanother person think abouwhat they are doing? Why did you do that? ________________________________________PSYCH 6_______________________________________?What are some of the challenges you feel that the period of adolescence poses in modern times(i.e. parentified at an early age/ bread winner of the family, bullied, harassed, too dependent on technology)?(HALF PAGE)________________________________________?Do you believe that children who are raised by a single parent are at a disadvantage compared to children who are raised by both parents? Please explain your thoughts.(Half Page) ?How is technology influencing the younger generations psychosocial development?In your opinion, is it truly beneficial to give them exposure to technology (school, home, tutoring, friends) or should there be a limit?(1Page)________________________________________?From a cultural perspective, how is the elderly population (ages 65 years old and above) perceived from your culture? Do you feel it is acceptable to put them in a retirement home, or must you care for them in your own home? Please state the culture you identify as, and explain your answer.Notes :In the Nepalese Culture, we do not put elderlies in a retirement home. We believe in joint families. Or even if we do not have joint families, we take care of them financially and visit very often. (1 Page) ________________________________________

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