Current Event Analysis

Assignment: Students are required to select a news article that pertains to “U.S. government and politics”, which could include anything dealing with domestic policy, foreign policy, political campaigns, etc. 1)  You do NOT need to turn in a copy of the article with the summary if the article was obtained online. However, you MUST include the source, title, author, date, and URL at the TOP of the page. The first thing I should read (after the heading and assignment title….) is what article you selected. 2)  Summarize the content/argument in ONE paragraph (4-6 sentences in length). 3)  Select and define two words or phrases that you did not know or do not ordinarily use. 4)  Identify and explain the possible political perspective or bias of the author. Does the author’s personal bias detract from their argument? (1-2 sentences in length) 5)  Expand upon, refute, or qualify the author’s argument. Do you agree? Disagree? What do you think? (4-6 sentences in length

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