Cyber Security Essay

Address the three topics below with an essay of between three and four pages for each topic (double spaced, for a total of 9-12 pages; NOT INCLUDING ANY SOURCE LISTINGS). Suggested approaches to the topic are drawn from class readings and discussions; you may cover them and additional information in any order. You may draw on the readings plus any additional sources you care to use and identify. Please source your comments appropriately.


1. Hacking:

a. Discuss the differences between black/grey/white hat hackers and their relationships to reporting or exploiting vulnerabilities.

b. Discuss the evolution of hacking and the split between hacktivists and white hat hackers.

c. How have white hat hackers changed the way we think about and do cyber security?


2. Social engineering:

a. What is social engineering and how/why does it work?

b. Consider the composition of cyberspace, attack vectors and how we protect different vectors as you discuss why so many cyber attacks include social engineering as part of the attack process (because it works is not a sufficient reply).

c. How can we combat social engineering? Is there anything that really works?


3. Cyberwar versus cyber conflict:

a. What are the primary differences between cyber war and cyber conflict?

b. When DOES cyber conflict rise to cyber war? Provide some examples and justify your answers.

c. If you don’t think we have existing example of cyber war, give some hypotheticals which would meet your criteria. Again, justify your response.



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