First, summarize readings 7 and 8 and the documentary “13th” separately by paying special attention to the main argument.

Do you agree with Michelle Alexander’s claim that contrary to the common understanding of racial progress, the racial caste system has only evolved and adapted itself to the changing demands of time? If you think this is true, then what are some of the ways in which *we* can make sure that the gains achieved by BLM will not come undone? Furthermore, what is the connection between her argument and what Orisanmi Burton is trying to show? Are they instances of the macro and the micro, respectively? Can you trace other connections?

Lastly, please pose  a question that genuinely stood out for you as a result of the readings/documentary. This will serve as an invitation for others to answer and thereby build discussions. IT IS ABSOLUTELY IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO THIS.

post should be at least 250 words.

The 13th: https://youtu.be/krfcq5pF8u8

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