DB #4 re-watching video

For this DB assignment, re-watch the videos “La Bruja” and “Secreto en el Monte” from this week’s WATCH folder. Then, respond to the following prompts in approximately 150-250 words:

1)    Briefly describe the dances in terms of how gender is being represented. Use movement description and be specific about the things that you observe. How are women being represented? How are men? Think about how the dancers’ bodies move in relation to each other, how they interact, how they touch each other.

2)    Then, write about how you think these dances convey messages about gender. From your descriptions think about what rules for gender exist in the dances. How do these rules dictate how the dancers act and interact? What messages are in those rules about gender? How does the dance relate to a way of being?

3)    Next, apply at least one of the ideas presented in the readings from this week to help support your thoughts and observations. In other words, what do you see that reminds you of the ideas found in the readings?

When you are ready to submit, go to the Discussion Forum and create a new thread. Title it your name-DB#4 (e.g. Dava Hernández-DB#4). After you have posted your writing, read your classmates’ posts, and respond to at least 1 of them.  What did they bring up that you have not thought about? Be specific.

Original Post due Wednesday, November 18th by 2:00pm




“La bruja con Mexico de Colores” – “The Witch with “Mexico de Colores”

“Secreto en el Monte” – “Secret in the Woods”

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