Defining criminology and understanding the importance of studying crime:

The purpose of this assignment is for students to provide a quick “3-2-1” reflection on the module material and how they were able to achieve the module learning objectives.  This assignment is constructed in a blog format, but is not a traditional blog.  Assignment:Respond to the following “3-2-1” Question Prompts in reference to defining criminology and understanding the importance of studying crime:3- Share 3 things that you learned from this module, or that you found interesting.2- Share 2 things that were muddled, or you did not quite understand.  1- Share 1 “Ah-Ha” moment that you experienced during this module.  This should be something that may have surprised you.Power Point Presentation Foundations to Law Lecture Notes Foundations to Law and Crime  Lecture Notes Foundations to Law and Crime – Alternative Formats Power Point Presentation: ConstitutionLecture Notes: Constitution Youtube Video: 10 Rules for Dealing with Police 

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