Describe the best dream you had. How did you feel after you woke up?

Description Essay Topics and Assignment Requirements, Summer 2019 Using your developing essay-writing strategies, select one of the following topics and produce an 800-word description essay with an introductory quotation that catches your readers’ attention and draws the readers into your essay. The quote is a writer’s device to engage your readers. NOTE: The quote must come from a published source—No Goodreads, no Quote Garden-type quotes, no XYZ quotes websites or other types of these “select a quote” websites, no Wikipedia, no Travel websites. These are off limits. Books, magazines, journals, newspapers, etc. are fine as these are PUBLISHED sources. I suggest you search our library sources from the library home page: Library Home Page and GALILEO. You may access GALILEO by going to the Landing Page in Blackboard and scrolling down to the GALILEO link. Additionally, almost all of the library resources have automated MLA 8 citations, which only require you to copy and paste the citation to your Works Cited page. I also suggest you visit a library at one of our campuses or electronically. Document the quotation properly with both an in-text citation and a Works Cited entry that follows MLA documentation. Make the essay conform to MLA formatting as well for the page. See the MLA page format and how-to set up a Microsoft Word document in the You Tube videos found in the MLA Folder. Go to the MLA Folder and process those first five links now.

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