Describe The Voyages Of Zheng He. How Did He Contribute To The Spread Of Chinese Culture

Part 1: Short Answer

Answer each question in this section. Each answer is worth 5 points for a total of 50 points. Do not skip any of the questions; each of the responses you provide will help you respond to the essay that comes in Part 2.

1. Describe the voyages of Zheng He. How did he contribute to the spread of Chinese culture?

2. Why was Louis XIV of France the model for absolutism?

3. Why was Timbuktu such an important center of West African trade?

4. What was the importance of coffee houses in Islamic society?


5. How were non-Muslims treated under Islamic law?

6. What liberal principals were asserted when the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen was proclaimed by the French National Assembly?

7. What are the three reasons why the Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain?

8. What is meant by the concept of separate spheres?

9. What is nationalism and what impact did it have on the Habsburg’s Austrian Empire?

10. Who are the bourgeoisie and proletariat in Marxist ideology?

Part 2: Essay

For this section, write a minimum of two complete paragraphs to earn the 50 points available. The information you gained from answering the short answers in Part A should be helpful to you in this essay. In addition, note the word bank of terms below. You’ll receive 10 points

For your answer to the overall questions and 5 points each for including the significance of the following terms in your essay:

1. Henry the Navigator

2. Spice trade

3. Caravel

4. Columbian Exchange

5. Middle Passage

6. Mercantilism in reference to colonization

7. The Scramble for Africa

8. Quinine



Essay Question: Why does modern history begin with the Age of Discovery (1450-1650)? What changes did the era of European exploration and expansion bring about? How did this early era of exploration and expansion differ from the later New Imperialism?

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