Describing the negative attitudes against a project  that benefits the greater community.

NIMBY  is a concept that describes the negative attitudes against a project  that benefits the greater community. This mentality is one in which even  though people are generally supportive of a project that will  benefit the greater community, they don’t want to suffer the burden of  bearing the cost(s) of the project. In terms of power generation, one of  the biggest reasons against power plants, especially wind farms, is  “visual intrusion.” Opponents of projects like these don’t want an  eyesore as well as any noise, negative impacts on wildlife and displaced  agricultural land. Something else to consider is whether or not the  project will have an effect on property values which can serve to  bolster NIMBY sentiment. Having this mindset affects power delivery in that residents  are forgoing access to more reliable power in favor of maintaining  aesthetics or reasons like those listed above.  This attitude halts  progress and can ultimately waste money if proposed projects in an area  where they have to jump through hoops to get local approval. Look at the  Cape Wind Project for example, which was initially proposed in 2001 but  died by litigation 16 years and 100 million dollars later. 

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