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Operational Step Responsible Person Timeline
Determine potential customer groups by reviewing the customer database of the company Leo (Market Research Manager) Increase customers by 5% in the first year.
Based on volume, brand loyalty, and location the marketing identifies the top groups to target. Betty (Marketing director) Ensure that the marketing process and method is on top
Attract the prospect customers by answering questions which are asked by the same. Tom(Customer Service Representative) Increase the number of customers in the first year by a bugger percent.
Customer response are shared with inventory and operational teams. Tom/Betty Ensure that the new customers are adopting to the company as soon as possible.






Operation Steps Person Responsible Timeline/ time frame
Coordination of daily operations, functions streamlining, monitoring budgets etc. Jimm ( Sales director) Reduce the constraints of minimal networks that do distribute the same.
Top 5 locations are identified in which the desert taco pilot is conducted. Jimm 2 weeks
Works with the media in informing the public of the company’s mission and to promote the Microsoft company through the same Oliver (Media Relations Media Manager) 4 weeks
Giving volume and product information which is expected for the inventory team. Jim 2 weeks




Steps in Operational Person Responsible Timeline/timeframe
Based on times and locations of the customer, the inventory required to support the pilot is determined. Louisee (Coordinator) 3 weeks
Obtaining product pricing and delivery timeframes and the supply source. Louisee 4 weeks
Storage and shipment needs to support the pilot are determined. Ben and Louise (Manager of operations) 4 weeks
Pilot and arrange transportation products are purchased to support the desert taco pilot at the given specific locations. Louise 10/28 (5 weeks)



The objectives chosen by the above template is important because the company is already established and has a big share of the market in the country. The company should therefore focus on distributing its commodities to a larger market due to its great impact on the county’s economy. The value of the company’s products is already established and in comparison with other companies in the same sector the products of this company are preferred by many people and this has a direct influence on the profits that the same make (Tirpak, 2018). The goal of the company is, therefore, to attract more potential customers not only in the country but also in other countries in the world. This can be done by coming up with new and effective innovations that will make their day to day activities more easy and efficient and this will place them on the top of the world in their service provision. Even though the prices of the product of this company are sometimes high the company should make sure that the prices do correspond with the quality of the product that they are providing.

Innovation is the backbone of any company in this century, the times are changing and so are the products, the company should therefore make sure that its innovations are high and are updated constantly, this includes, cooking packaging and distribution. The effect of the company can be felt by ensuring that all the customers no matter where they are reached out to and this can only happen through innovations made by the same (Hameedet al,.2021). This being a company in the sector, it should therefore food sector, it should focus on making the best technologies in the same, this is mandatory since the sector is growing fast in technological terms and this is a competition in the same. Since many people in the world have adopted the health kind of living his should motivate the same to have technologies and foods that do conform to the same. This, however, would not be a problem since many people have adopted the company’s services and this will only need an update to the same. The effects of this kind of investments will always lead to profit margins increasing. The fact that also almost all people do order food nowadays, this makes it a mandatory to purchase and order from the company, the goal is, and therefore, to place the company in a stage where it will be the better option to the customers.

Due to the company’s ability and advantage of reaching new markets, the timelines and metrics are very basic for the proposed strategic plan. Decreasing the timeline by the given percentage is always possible because the company is already established and is not struggling that much (Ralat, 2020). The implementation of the given strategies will be possible also by the executive board. This strategies which include, acquiring new customers by making sure that the customers’ expectations are met, the company revenue is increased in the first year will be possible since the already existing loyal customers are always ready to do the purchasing of the products of the company regardless of the price fluctuations.


















Hameed, W. U., Nisar, Q. A., & Wu, H. C. (2021). Relationships between external knowledge, internal innovation, firms’ open innovation performance, service innovation and business performance in the Pakistani hotel industry. International Journal of Hospitality Management92, 102745. Retrieved from:

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Ralat, J. R. (2020). American Tacos: A History and Guide. University of Texas Press. retrieved from:

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