Developing an Essay

Write a 500 word essay practicing one of the writing applications we explored in this week’s learning module. Use one of the writing prompts below to develop your writing assignment. Follow the guidelines in the Explore learning module in developing your essay. Narration 1. Favorite Memory 2. Worst Memory 3. Frightening Story 4. Story about something that happened between you and a friend 5. Story about something that happened in your family Description 1. Your physical appearance 2. Your room and house 3. Your first love or your current partner 4. Someplace you have traveled 5. The last meal you’ve eaten or your favorite food 6. Your favorite place. Argumentation 1. Is the death penalty effective? 2. Are school uniforms beneficial? 3. Are we too dependent on the Internet? 4. Is child behavior better or worse than it was years ago? 5. Should abortion be illegal? Evaluation 1. Evaluate the way social media has affected your social relationships 2. Evaluate the most recent movie you have seen 3. Evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of distance education. 4. Evaluate a professor you like the most. Why students like him and how effective is he or she as a teacher? 5. Evaluate your academic performance last year. Which improvements did you

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