Different methods of learning

Also, teachers are likely to employ different methods of learning, to ensure that they pass knowledge to students in the most effective way. The following discussion focuses on the methods of learning.

Different methods of learning

The different methods of learning include visual, auditory, read and write, as well as kinesthetic (Teach.com, 2018). Visual learning entails the use of pictures, maps, graphics and learning content that is visible. The content comprises of new information that is being taught to students, which makes it easier to access and comprehend the information. For instance, when learning about a ball, an image of a ball may be used to create the actual image, in the mind of the learner, about the new word being taught. Auditory learning involves listening and speaking. Students are presented with content that is recorded, which they listen to.

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The learning method also involves teachers allowing students to engage in discussions about a topic. Read and write is a learning method where teachers use words to pass new information to students. The method applies to students who are avid readers, and those that like writing. Through writing, the students are able to expound on content they learn while reading. Kinesthetic learning refers to passing information practically. It applies to students who are hands-on learners, as well as those that learn through tactile representation. For instance, in order to learn about how a clock works, students can put a clock together.

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Teachers use different learning methods to pass new information to students. The learning methods are based on the learning abilities of students. Teachers should ensure they use a method that leads to effective learning.


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English Learners: My own learning style(final draft)

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