Discrimination In Eduaction

A very brief background (context) for the issue you’ve chosen. This should contain information about the issue, statistics about any relevant populations or the topic/issue, 1.information about the size and scope of the issue, or other fact-based or evidence-based analysis that provides a supporting rationale for the literature review. 2.Provide a brief discussion about what is known about the issue, citing at least 10peer-reviewed research articles in this section of the paper. You may also use gray literature reports, briefs, etc. as additional sources. In this section, you should synthesize the literature, identifying key themes and issues. 3.Indicate what is missing from the knowledge base—that is, what needs to be known,what do we need more evidence on and why. This section should link directly back to the literature review (question 2) and may include additional citations and sources as needed. 4.Present an analysis/critique of the literature within the framework of the six core values of the Code of Ethics—to what degree does the literature reflect those values? Specifically, based on your synthesis of the literature, what is important for social work researchers to reflect on as they engage in further research in this area? 5.End the literature review by articulating a potential research question based on this knowledge need that would help to fill the knowledge gap. This section should summarize and draw conclusions and provide a research question that can be used for your Research Study Design assignment

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