Discussing the reasons for citizen delays when calling the police

ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL, CITED, IN APA FORMAT, ORIGINAL AND WILL BE SUBMITTED TO TURN IT IN. DUE DATE IS MONDAY 07/06/20 @ 5PM EASTERN STANDARD TIME. Assignment:. In his Canadian study, Chris Braiden found that bike thefts resulted in 15 times the dollar loss when compared to bank robberies. What implications does this study have, if any, for the provision of police services?. Discuss the reasons for citizen delays when calling the police. Does this have any impact on the police’s ability to solve the crime? Why or why not?The research discussed in the text regarding fear of crime indicates some degree of irrationality. Discuss the discrepancies between the results of these studies, including the demographic descriptors of those most fearful and those least victimized by crime. Discuss the ways in which print and television media impact citizen fear of crime. Include a description of the relevant research discussed in the text

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