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After reading Shepard and viewing The Historical Origins of Islam, what insights have you gained about the cultural context of Arabia in Muhammad’s day as well as Muhammad himself? Was the video presentation consistent with the assigned readings, or did there seem to be areas of bias in one or both? (400 words)


GLST 525

Sura Review Instructions

After reading A Christian Guide to the Qur’an, you will write a 1,500–2,000-word (6–8-page) analysis of 3 suras from the Qur’an.


In A Christian Guide to the Qur’an, the authors raise awareness of various issues presented in the Qur’an, particularly the suras, and how they may be used as a bridge to present the gospel message to a Muslim. Using your textbook as a guide, locate 3 suras within the Qur’an itself. Each sura must include three components: 1) an Old Testament character, 2) a story from the Gospels, and 3) Jesus Christ. Your paper will focus on these selected suras and will analyze how each might serve as a bridge/connection in presenting Christianity to a Muslim. For each sura, discuss why it could be a bridge, how it could be used, and where it could be used. Refer to the assignment rubric for details on how your paper will be graded.


Submit this assignment through SafeAssign by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 5.

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