CRJ 330: Comparative Criminal Justice


Week 9 Discussion


Part 1: After 9-11, American responses to terrorism had to shift from a reactive model to an intelligence-led proactive model.


Please respond to the following:


Compare and contrast the American response to acts of domestic terrorism with acts of international terrorism.

Predict at least one way these responses may change within the next five years. Provide a rationale for your prediction.


Part2: Student Response


Renae Jones

RE: Week 9 Discussion


Hello Everyone,


Acts of domestic terrorism are based or operate soley in the United States and their acts target the United States government or the United States citizens, things such as white supremacy, anti- government, militias, or anarchists. Under the Patriot act the federal government has multiple resources to combat international terrorism. There is less free speech protection when domestic actors provide material support for international terrorist groups material support can involving providing financial or logistical assistance for international terrorist groups.( Middlebury institute told CBS news) that material support provisions don’t extend to domestic terrorism, unless a domestic terrorism group is linked to a foreign based organization.FBI recorded close to one-hundred domestic terrorist arrest in the first nine months of the year. International acts are activities that involve violent acts or dangerous acts to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or that would be a criminal violation if committed within the jurisdiction of the United States or any state. (Law Cornell.EDU). While international terrorism (act of terrorism transcending national boundaries) is a defined crime in federal law, no federal criminal offense exist which is referred to as domestic terrorism.


As for my prediction I think in the next five years they will come up with similar solutions for dealing with terrorism in general, no matter what type of terrorist act may happen and I think this because terrorist acts have become more connected due to much technology.