CRJ 320




1.      “Computer Crime and the Role of Prosecutor”  Please respond to the following:


* From the e-Activity, identify at least two (2) effective methods that cybercrime investigators use to investigate computer crime (e.g. hacking, fraud, spam, theft of intellectual property). Next, recommend one (1) effective method that you believe would be beneficial for a company to prevent cybercrime. Provide a rationale to support your recommendation.


It is common knowledge that the role of a prosecutor is to present the state’s case against the defendant in a criminal prosecution. However, the role of the prosecutor entails the enormous responsibility of seeking justice and not merely convicting a defendant.  Give your opinion as to why the prosecution bears the burden of proof (i.e., to prove or disprove a fact or demonstrate the defendant’s guilt). Next, support or critique the argument that this requirement should be placed solely with the prosecutor. Provide a rationale to support your response.


Respond to the post below please keep answers separate and with these colors


The investigators first identify that the malware exists. This includes breaking down the complex encryption algorithms in order to locate all of the communications from the attackers, the commands used and how the binaries are controlled.  The investigation also includes the correct technical counter measures to intervene any future attacks and involving law enforcement in order to improve the defensive technologies.  I think that all companies should incorporate a good strong firewall to keep their employees from exploring different websites that may potentially be a threat to the company or cause any viruses.


In my opinion, the importance of the prosecutor bearing the burden of proof is simply because the prosecutor has to show evidence and factual information in order to prove that a defendant is guilty.  This has to be established prior to the jury convicting the defendant.  The prosecutor must persuade the jury that the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  This means that the most sensible person would not hesitate to pursue believing in any proof of that particular person’s character.  Since the prosecutor is pursuing a guaranteed conviction of the defendant, it is solely their job to provide burden of proof.  They need to convince the judge and jury the precise reasons as to why this person is guilty, meaning how and why the defendant committed the crime.  If there is no factual conclusion as to why this particular defendant should stand trial and is the correct person, then there is clearly no need to go further.




CRJ 499


2.     and Personal Reflection”  Please respond to the following:


Identify a reason to necessitate change in the criminal justice organization of your choice (police, courts corrections, etc.) and discuss the process in which the change will occur.


Discuss where you expect to be in five years after receiving your degree in Criminal Justice, e.g. do you expect to be in your current job, in another job, etc.?


Respond to the post below please keep answers separate and with these colors


I chose the police as the organization I feel needs to necessitate change. The relationship between police and the community need to be repaired. Police organizations need to implement changes in training as well as community relations. The trust between the community and the police is almost non existent and each seem to have developed an us against them mentality which definitely contributes to the tensions and further separates the two. If we can try to rebuild trust between the community and the police crime fighting and social control can be achieved collectively, everyone has the same goal which is to be safe.


After receiving my degree in criminal justice I plan to pursue a career in Juvenile Justice, I am still unsure as to what exactly I would like do but my goal is to change the path of at least one kid whether that be through mentoring, adopting, and /or fostering I will change someone’s life


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