Do Clothes Makes a Man?

One question continues to linger, do clothes makes a man? According to the researchers, it is revealed that what a man wears affects how he perform and think. Throughout the history, there is an urge for a man to put on clothes in some shape, amount and style. Man is able to extend himself into the society by the way he wears the clothes. However, clothes are used in ways like hiding and protecting our identity. Moreover, wears also creates false identity and are also used to communicate something vital concerning ourselves. Clothes help man outwardly how he feels within hence conveying his sense of being non-verbally to the world.

Do Clothes Makes a Man?

Most clothing pieces carry a figurative meaning. Judge rob represent justice, power is signified by expensive cloth and white lab coat represent attentiveness and scientific focus. Wearing suit and tie raises the performance at work place. People who look neat at employment place can earn more than other guys. Men should keep a style since nice clothing sell one’s confidence (Hotchkiss, 2012).

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Wears can also play an important role in protection against intimacy. The style in which man dresses can deny him an intimate look. When a person stands without cloths, they are exposed to most undeveloped way. Clothing plays a major role in the way man live, and how he will be treated or pictured. People may not have enough money to buy clothes and this can deny them opportunity in their lives. Wearing some cloths can limit a person from making friends, good job and relationship. Judgment can be made upon the mode of dressing hence every person should know their true self.

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People from all over the world have different personalities. Countries like U.S holds diversity hence resulting to acceptance of how people dress. With respect to the working environment, people should dress properly.



Hotchkiss, V. R. (2012). Clothes make the man: female cross dressing in medieval Europe. Routledge.

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