Early Christianity

A synthesis essay requires you to bring together various sources such as the textbook, discussion boards, course articles, the Bible, and other sources to answer questions. Your essays require analysis and historical facts. Do not just go to an internet site and regurgitate information. The prompts are based on major discussions from the first half of the course. Because it is understood that you will use the textbook, material from the textbook does not need to be cited. Paraphrase material from the textbook. The essays require analysis, so do not just paraphrase whole passages from the textbook. If you use information from the course links or articles please cite your sources. These links may provide you with specific examples to illustrate major ideas from the textbook. If you use information from the discussion boards please cite the sources provided by the poster unless they cite the textbook. The discussion boards will be open during the week the exam is posted. Each essay must be written in formal, standard English. Please proofread your essays before submitting them to Safe Assign. In a discussion board, language can be more informal because participants are formulating their thoughts. The midterm essays require careful, planned out responses. Please be careful to cite any outside sources to avoid plagiarism. Cite web-based sources by inserting live links in your essays. Each essay should be written in five paragraphs each with an introduction, three main body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Illustrate general statements with specific historical examples. Each essay must range from 700 to 750 words in length. Please do not exceed the world limit. SUBMIT BOTH ESSAYS IN ONE DOCUMENT. DO BOTH ESSAYS. Essay One: Explain the process by which the New Testament was formed. How was it written? Describe the process by which the books that comprise the New Testament were chosen by the early church. Essay Two: Write an essay on the significance of ONE of the following early Christians: Augustine, Jerome or Benedict of Nursia. Use the textbook and other resources but do not just re-write online material. Offer your opinion as to why the person is important in addition to the opinions of your sou

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