Early Language Development

Need an research paper on to what extent can a nativist perspective successfully explain children’s early language development. Needs to be 8 pages. Please no plagiarism. From the perspective of the language of psychology, what seems to be the greatest point of discussion has to do with the manner, in which humans learn how to produce the varying sounds, normally referred to as language. This is because it is almost obvious that the possibility that a human being would acquire language is almost automatic. But as to how the anatomy and functioning of the human body comes together to make this automatic process possible is what normally generates some levels of controversy. In this paper, a critical attention is paid to the Navitist perspective of language development and tries to examine some of the merits in the theory to come to terms with how successfully the Nativist perspective can explain children’s early language development. Developmental Phenomena of Language Development Theories Before delving very deep into the Nativist perspective of language acquisition, it is important to have a general background of the different kinds of approaches to language acquisition so that we can establish the place of the Nativist perspective in the midst of the other approaches. To this end, three major approaches are briefly discussed. Social interactionism Psychologists who belong to the social interactionism approach of language acquisition hold the view that language acquisition is a social process that happens as a result of the kind of social interaction that takes place between a child and his or her social environment (Mercer, 1995). It is not for nothing therefore that the theory that guides this school of thought is dubbed the Social interactionist theory. Some of the highlighted concepts of the Social interactionist theory include the fact that children first learn languages that they are raised with. This is a clear indication of how the environment (social environment for that matter) of a child affects his or her ability to possess language. Again, the fact that children do not always acquire the languages of their parents as their first language: but acquires the language of the area from where they were brought up means that language acquisition is indeed not hereditary but social. Finally, Social interactionist theory highlights the fact that when a child is born in an environment where he or she would never hear any language, there is no tendency that the child will speak any language because of the absence of the social interaction of language. Relational frame theory Debaters in school of thought also support the fact that the environment plays very key role in language acquisition. They however do not give so much emphasis to the social environment as the social interactionism do. Instead, the relational frame theory of language acquisition is built on the fact that there could be some key psychological features of the environment that could affect the chances and success rate of acquiring language. The relational frame theory is led by Hayes, Barnes-Holmes and Roche and is based on the Skinnerian behaviourism (Oates and Grayson, 2004). Under this approach, there is a very shape contrast to the Nativist perspective because there is not subscription to the fact that humans have a definitive inner reinforcement that propels children to speak. Rather, it is expected that psychological factors that include thoughts, feelings and behaviours would go very long ways in influencing how children acquire language.

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