1. East or west home is best

East or west home is best. There is no better place to be than at home. A homeless person or individuals forced to migrate from their homes can best attest to this statement as they have the first hand experience of missing a home. A home is not just a building, apartment or house that we walk into but a place of warmth, love and care.

Картинки для настроения: иллюстрации Alexandr Pushai: redhood_true —  LiveJournal

The presence of a big mansion does not proof the statement east or home west is best because for a home to be complete the above three listed ingredients must be present. A home is not defined by the large buildings, interior design or décor but is a place that people come together to live and share lives with their presence and warmth.

East or west home is best

            East or west home is best. Home is the only place where laughter and tears share a place. At home, we share the best moments celebrating the joy that comes with togetherness. It is also at home where we enjoy a meal or drink heartily. Home is the only place where many run to after a long day of work for rest escaping from all the life challenges. When life gets tough, we want to be nowhere else but at home, a place of peace and safety. As tears roll down due to life’s distress, there is no better place to be than at home. The warm and comforting hugs from dear ones assure us that everything will work out.

East or West, home is best. - Мой дом, милый дом

            In conclusion, home is no ordinary place; it is that one place always close to the heart. East or west home is best as we look forward to ending the day there in warmth, love and care.

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