Economic Growth and Economic Theory Model

Identify the types of policy available to Fiji government to promote economic growth. For each policy you identify, describe how the policy is expected to work and list its costs. Use appropriate graph and economic growth theory to explain your answer. (Hint: You must read Harrod-Domar model, Solow model and new approach to growth before you attempt to answer the question. Your essay should clearly discuss these three-growth model, its policy prescription and limitations. Then you should apply the knowledge of these growth models to your country context.)   Note: Assignment should be written in essay from. You should use data to describe the background of your country. What is the current growth trend and gdp per capita? What is the current status of key determinants of economic growth in your country?  Do not discuss anything about monetary and fiscal policy  Introduction is clear, thorough, focused and engaging  Evidence and data gathered are relevant, academically robust and Secondary comprehensive All sources are critically assessed. Gaps in the data and literature are clearly identified Report is well structured, with effective and engaging narrative  All charts/tables are appropriate, correctly drawn and formatted  Full and accurate interpretation of data   Effective synthesis of the findings in relation to the relevant literature Effective and articulated writing style  Discussion of policy implications effectively builds on the findings

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