Employee Personality Analysis

Running head: Employee Personality Analysis

Employee Personality Analysis



Employee Personality Analysis

Allyson M. Rush

Rasmussen College

Instructor: Adam Samuelson

October 21st, 2017


NoJax has clearly identified its route map to success and is key on employing people that are relevant to the business model the business has adopted. Among the five personality traits that are very important for a company to achieve its set objectives, this company lays its emphasis on these two traits;

Extraversion – The business is aggressive and assertive and requires such individuals in its pool of employees. It requires energetic, social and personalities with positive emotions. It requires persons who are stimulated while working in a team. The organization relying very much on team work especially when decisions have to be approved.

Conscientiousness – discipline is paramount in this organization. The business is seeking individuals who act dutifully and have goals they aim to achieve. Such people are good organizers, planners and are independent. The company was founded to fill a gap in the exercise gear industry and has set its focus on this path.

Considering the industry and organization fit, these three personality traits are less relevant in this company.

Openness – This organization is less likely to employ a person who scores highly on openness during an interview. The company focuses on the production and sale of four products thus a personality that has novelty and is creative does not fit very well in this environment.

Neuroticism – people with emotional stability are not a good employee fit here considering an organization with a small structure and that focuses on very minimal operations.

Agreeableness – The business is modelled in such a way that people are compassionate and easily cooperate with others. However, this is not the most fundamental trait the company is focusing on.

This is an in-depth analysis of the management pairs working together.

Janet Johnson and Alice Bloom

These two employees are extraverts and show equal conscientiousness score. They can work together and charge each other towards achievement of goals. However, these two may not solve conflict or issues between them very well because they both have weak traits of emotional stability and agreeableness.

Janet Johnson and Orlando Grant

These two employees will work together very well in motivating each other and being compassionate. They both have similar scores in extraversion and openness. However, they may also not be good conflict managers among themselves their score in emotional stability and conscientiousness has a slight variation.

Jessie Mercado and Lynn Bryant

These two characters when paired have very good discipline and creativity because they score equally in cconscientiousness and openness. That being a positive, they have a weakness in that they cannot come up with one solid decision because they lack extravert and agreeable traits.

Lynn Bryant and Anam Basra

These two employees are relevant to the business because they are both extraverts and have the conscientiousness traits. They could be key decision makers. However, their weak parts can be seen when it comes to openness and emotional stability because with the same position in the hierarchy they differ in these two traits.

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