Energy Security in the USA

Provide a 15 pages analysis while answering the following question: Energy Security in the USA. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. In a world where the “Peak Oil” has become part of everyday language and the Hubbert’s peak has been said to have been crossed, it is inevitable that the great powers engage in the 21st Century’s version of the great game. Akin to the earlier battles among the European and British colonialists for resource-rich countries as feedstock and markets for the Industrial Revolution, the modern-day version of the “Great Game” is between the US and China for control over the world’s supplies of oil and energy. This has taken on many dimensions that span across the continents of Asia and Africa and has led to both the countries using their political and military might to scour the regions for supplies and ensure that the energy security of their respective economies is guaranteed.This paper looks at the energy security strategies of the US and China and shows how they fare against each other. The implications for the rest of the world are also discussed. Further, the need to diversify into alternative sources of energy like biofuels and nuclear energy is also discussed. The paper starts off by examining the current scenario with respect to the primary source of energy – oil- and the advent of the hydrocarbon economy.Ever since the advent of the “Hydrocarbon man” as a metaphor for the world economy that runs primarily on oil as the source of energy, the great powers of the world have been in a constant battle for access and privileged use of this resource. As Toffler (1980) says, the first wave of the change in human society was the shift to agriculture and the second wave was that of the industrial revolution and the use of coal as the source of energy. Between the 18th and the 20th century, oil quickly replaced coal as literally the “lubricant” by which the industrial and transport infrastructure runs.

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