Informative Speech Instructions

1. Prepare a 5 to 8 minute speech giving information about a topic. (Do not take sides on a controversial issue.)

2. You may use four note cards with key words or phrases—front of cards only. Do not write out your speech. Show me the notecards after your speech.

3. Three references are required from books, magazines, newspapers and/or interviews. These references must be cited in your speech. Do not use Wikipedia as a source. Use academic sources for two of your sources if possible. These references will be listed according to American Psychological Association, Modern Language Association, or Turabian Citation Guides in your bibliography in your outline.

4. You must use a visual aid in your speech such as the item you are discussing, a handout, picture, etc. Do not pass any items around before or while you speak.

5. If you do a demonstration speech, observe the following guidelines:

a. Demonstrate how to do something you know how to do well. (Hobbies, cooking, musical instruments, medical or first aid procedures, sports, gardening, sewing, etc.)

b. You may not bring any weapons (including arrows), alcoholic beverages, blood products, needles, drugs, explosives, or highly flammable materials.

c. You should demonstrate how to do something that not everyone may already know how to do. (No popcorn, sandwiches, Kool-Aid, cake mixes, etc.)

d. If you show how to cook something, keep the time limits in mind. Assemble the ingredients, and bring a finished product for the class to sample. Do not make anything which uses a raw egg in the finished product. Also, bring any necessary plates, napkins, forks, serving utensils, etc. Limit the use of an electric mixer or blender to 10-15 seconds.

e. If you show how to do a craft, be sure your demonstration can be seen by everyone. It may be necessary to make an enlarged model to use for demonstration purposes. For example, you might punch holes in a piece of poster board to simulate counted cross stitch fabric. Be sure to bring a finished product to show.

f. If you need another person to assist you in some way with your demonstration, keep the following things in mind:

-you must do all the talking

-you must practice with your assistant so you do not have to give him or her instructions during the speech

-your assistant should remain at the front of the room only for the time he or she is needed in the demonstration.

g. You must continue to talk about the subject matter while you work. There must be no dead air. For example, if you are demonstrating how to braid hair, you must continue to talk to us as you work.

6. You will prepare an outline that is to be given to me when you get to class the day your speech is due. I will take off 10 points if you do not have an outline when you give your speech and/or if your outline is not typed. I will not give a grade for the speech until I get the outline. The outline must consist of complete sentences in the proper outline form.

If you need assistance with your outline, go to the Writing Center in the library. Check the hours for the Writing Center. The Writing Center will send me verification that you used their services. They will not write your outline for you but they can help you with the proper formatting. Be sure to have a basic outline already written or typed so they can help you edit it.

7. Consider your topic as you think about what you will wear when you present.

Be sure to dress in a professional manner.


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