English Research Paper

Topics: 1. Choose a topic of current controversy in your field of study or the equivalent. Using academic sources, explain and discuss both sides of the controversy. You must use a balanced approach. examples: The gentrification of underprivileged neighbourhoods in North American cities. The effect of part-time jobs on students’ academic performance. The preliminary effects of isolation and social distancing because of Covid-19 in Canada The advantages and disadvantages of a higher minimum wage. The move towards diversity and inclusion in Canada. 2. Choose a topic of current interest in your field of study or the equivalent. Using academic sources, investigate the background, the present situation, and some future possibilities of your subject. examples: The outlook for jobs related to your field of study. The ongoing loss of languages spoken in the world. The forces behind the scenes in setting fashion trends. The use of red-light cameras to reduce accidents. A recent important scientific, technological, or medical advance. 3. A topic of your choice, to be investigated through academic sources. Your subject should ideally be related to your field of study. You must get your workshop leader’s approval before you start your research. Using principles of sound research, write a research essay approximately 1700 words long on the topic agreed upon with your workshop leader. • Please computer-type your essay in 12-point and use double space. • You must give an accurate word count at the end. There is a penalty of two points off if the word count is missing or is significantly inaccurate. • Keep in mind the length of 1700 words. You will get a penalty for going more than 10% over or under the limit. Evaluation criteria: Content 40% • The information in your research essay is relevant, accurate, ethical, and complete for the circumstances. • You have used at least five scholarly sources for your evidence, with a maximum of no more than 1/3 electronic sources. • You have documented borrowed information in correct APA or MLA style, according to your field of study. Organization 20% • Your organization and layout follow the research essay conventions studied in class. • Good sequencing makes your research essay easy to read. Language use 30% • The language in the research essay is your own. • You have summarized or paraphrased borrowed information and have provided correct in-text citations. • Sentence structure, grammar, punctuation, spelling, and vocabulary are correct. Handling 10% • A professional or original style adds to the interest, value, and credibility of your research essay.

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