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This is continuation from the Unit I, so you need to include writing from the previous write-up.  


You need to include ROI and express your intension to provide physical, chemical, biological treatments and general sewage treatment techniques and solid waste treatment.













Treatment of wastes involves the physical, biological and chemical treatment techniques, which is often expensive. Just from our budget, we will be certain that treatment of waste is an activity that requires financial resources and other considerations such as staff management, various certifications and licensing will be required to run a waste treatment plant. (Bahadori, 2014). Certification and licensing is very crucial in ensuring that treatment of wastes does not pose any kind of health hazards to the surrounding communities or even the workers.

Physical and chemical waste treatment will require a number of operations and workers for it to be successful. Wastes can be processed for material and energy recovery using various unit operations and processes. The selection of the appropriate unit of operation and systems will entirely depend on the characteristics of the wastes to be processed and what will be the recovered materials used for. Basically the treatment of wastes is to reduce the toxic substances that might be hazardous. In chemical treatment, more skilled personnel with the valid qualifications in the various chemical fields will be hired because chemical treatment will require more advanced skills. The treatment processes will encompass employees from all academic levels, those with low qualifications that will handle most of the manual work and the experience individuals who will supervise the entire process to ensure its success. (Baijpai, 2014) In treatment of solid wastes, there is need to obtain a valid license from the department involved in the environmental management, of course the agency will have to come and supervise the site of waste treatment and if they are satisfied, they will issue a license to continue with the treatment process, but if they are not satisfied they will have to withhold the activity until compliance is achieved. Apart from licensing, valid certifications from the waste and treatment division who will come and check on the level of hazards available in the wastes and thereafter issue appropriate certificates to continue with the activity.

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