Business: Embedded Sustainability Concepts
How does it have to deal with declining resources?
How does it have to deal with radical transparency?
How does it have to deal with increasing expectations?
Who are its shareholders?
Who are its stakeholders?
How is it creating sustainable value?
How is it creagin levels of value? (chap 3)
1) mitigate risks
2) reduce energy, waste, and materials
3) differentiate products
4 ) enter new markets
5) enhance and protect brands
6) influence industry standards
What strategy(ies) is the business utilizing?
1) Generic: sustainability as a
a) a source of cost leadership
b) source of differentiation
c) market segmentation
2) blue ocean
3) disruptive innovation
Describe the supply chain of your chosen product
Name at least 1 low-hanging fruit that your company has capitalized on
Does this company have a product that represents bolt-on sustainability?
How can you tell that this company has achieved buy-in
Environmental and Social Issues
These are not just in the business practices,
but the community that they are a part of or serve
Where does the company have operations?
What local environmental and people resources does it use?
What social challenges does it face?
What are its carbon and water footprints?
What energy resources does it use?
What industry is it a part of?
Is its location rural or in a city?
How does it contribute to urban sprawl?
Is it vying for water market rights?
Does this company have interests in a land grab?
Is it in/does it serve an emerging market?
What water resources does it use?
Aquifer? Fossil or rechargeable?
How does this business use agriculture?
Does this business use irrigation?
Is this an area with a pastoral economy?
Does marginalization occur?
Are its operations affected by local or global weather patterns?
Is it affected by sea level rise?
Are rivers or dams used as part of its water source?
Does it/how does it affect food security?
How does it have to deal with population increase?
Is it in an area with environmental refugees?
How does it have to deal with soil issues?
Does it deal with drought?
Is it affected by flooding or flood induced erosion?
Deforestation? Wood use?
What land stabilization techniques is it using?
What climate, environmental, and social issues is it comitted towards mitigating or reducing?
What resources is this company competing for?
What people and resources does it require in its raw material acquisition, manufacturing, packaging, delivery, and point of sale?
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