Tips for Fighting Depression in College


Tips for fighting depression in college. There is a myth that depression can only occur in elderly individuals. However, research shows that depression can happen in an individual at any age. Some of the most dominant individuals prone to acquire depression are students in college. College students are more susceptible to acquire depression or be more depressed due to factors such as increased school work, increased stress from school, low finances, or even being homesick. The primary thing that makes depression more common to students in colleges is the fact that they confuse it for sadness or stress. However, these are different. Depression tends to be more severe but treatable if one seeks medical help.

Here are the strategies that can be executed or tips that can be undertaken as a means of fighting depression in college students;

  1. Engage Students in Psychotherapy

One tip of fighting depression in college is to engage students in psychotherapy. Although most students hate psychotherapy and guidance and counseling sessions, they help determine what underlying factors trouble a student. An education facility like a college or university can hire a trained mental health professional, who can help students to address issues that are bothering them. Psychotherapy is one of the identified methods that help reduce the symptoms of depression in a student, as well as preventing future depression in students.

  • Establish Exercises as a Routine in the College

Sometimes all a student needs is to engage in an activity that will make them more mindful and forget the troubles in their lives. Some of the conscious activities that facilities can urge college students to undertake include yoga sessions, meditation classes, retreats, or even therapist sessions. Sessions such as yoga relax a student’s mind and tend to mitigate the symptoms of depression.

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Encourage Students to Strengthen their Social Connection

Although students go to colleges with the aim of learning, they are also required to go to college to socialize and make new friendships. Since majority of the students tend to move away from friends and family members when they go to college, meeting new people can tend to be challenging to them. Although it is overwhelming at first, once the friendships become stable, a student is no longer alone. Trying to meet and make new friends is ideal for one’s mental health and reduces the chances of a college student becoming depressed.

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Students should Improve their Sleeping Habits

There is a tendency for students in colleges to spend the better part of their night partying, get little to no sleep, and show up for classes drunk in sleep. The thing students do not realize is that sleep is good for mental health and helps prevent stressful events that could lead to depression. Students are advised to learn how to prioritize, since it makes them acquire better sleep, plan for their urgent tasks, and allocate time for their social life.

Tips for Fighting Depression in College

  • Students Should Set Healthy Boundaries

Setting boundaries is the first step a student is urged to take to fight depression. It goes to mean that they should avoid stressful events, events that make them have uncontrollable pressure or those that make them easily mad.

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