Ethical Dilemma of Client patient relations

You will develop an ethical dilemma of a situation likely encountered by a counseling professional (I selected romantic relations with a client and/or past client). The situation involves the analysis and application of appropriate and applicable ethical codes, Iowa laws, and/or practice standards. This is simply not an analysis of a difficult situation, especially when there are clear directives on how to manage said situation. Rather, the scenario developed must have two or more ethical codes, laws, and/or practice standards that are equally applicable, but in opposition to each other. The paper will use Corey’s eight step model (Chapter One) in systematically analyzing the situation. All sections of the paper need to be clearly labeled using the most recent edition of the APA manual, using term paper format. A minimum of three peer-reviewed empirical journal articles not older than five years must be incorporated into the discussion to support the rationale of decision making in the paper. The paper will illustrate the pertinent issues to consider in the eight steps on all applicable ethical codes, laws, and professional practice standards. Finally, the paper will demonstrate a clear course of action to take regarding resolving the ethical dilemma, along with a clear rationale supporting the decision.

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