Question of Ethics

  1. What should sparrow pharmaceuticals do?

Sparrow pharmaceuticals should not allow the Soothing Waters Hot Tubs and Spurs to use their mailing list for a direct-mail promotion to clients. The two companies offer different services to their customers.  It is not necessarily automatic therefore that Sparrow Pharmaceuticals clients will like the services offered by the Soothing Waters Hot Tubs and Spurs Company.

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Moreover, by so doing the Sparrow Pharmaceuticals Company will be violating the privacy of their clients by giving out their addresses. This might go a long way to ruining the reputation that the Sparrow Pharmaceuticals have enjoyed over a lengthy span time. It should therefore avoid the opt-out-approach that the Soothing Waters Hot Tubs and Spurs want to use which assumes there will be no objection by the clients when the company use their information. It should hence advise the Soothing Waters Hot Tubs and Spurs to educate and hence attract its own clients.

  • Do you think it is ethical to use customers’ information across multiple division of the same company? Explain

It is unethical to use customer’s information across the multiple divisions even if it is on the same company. This is because different customers have different preferences. Moreover a division within the company that does not honor its policies to its customers may affect the other negatively which has built its trust to its clients over time. Moreover, the company should always strive to safeguard the security and privacy of each of its client in each division.

It is therefore necessary that each division should always strive to gain their clients trust and this mainly leads to offering of better services across the divisions in the company. Privacy rights is an important obligation and aspect that maintains the ethics values in marketing.

  • To which marketing management philosophy do you think the marketing director for soothing waters subscribe? Explain.

The Marketing philosophy used here is the Selling Concept. Under the selling concept, it always assumes that the clients always can be attracted. Most of their efforts are to promote their products hence attracting more customers.

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Soothing Waters Hot Tubs and Spurs Company Marketing director main concern is the promotion of his/her products and services. The main disadvantage of this policy is that on the verge of enticing the customers you can end up spoiling the reputation of the organization in case the clients have a negative attitude towards the same. It is a highly risky method to subscribe.

  • Does the AMA statement of ethic address the use of the customer information by multiple division of the same company?

The AMA Statement provides the guidelines that Sparrow Pharmaceuticals can use to solve the dilemmas like this. The statement of ethics mainly stipulates both the ethics and norms that professional bodies should adopt. In a case like this, it is the responsibility of Sparrow Pharmaceuticals to ensure that the privacy and security of its clients will always be maintained. This is achieved through the sparrow pharmaceuticals embracing the ethical values and norms to safeguard its customers.

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This includes respect, fairness, responsibility and honesty. Under the statement of ethics it’s the responsibility of the Sparrow Pharmaceuticals to make sure that the stereotyping of customers is not done, protection of  its customers against manipulations, avoid the conflict of interest among its clients and more still uphold its clients dignity by making sure that no harm is caused to its clients. It is therefore the obligations of the Sparrow Pharmaceuticals to ensure that it professionally safeguard the interest, norms and values of its clients.

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