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ExercisesWeek 5 Assignment


Use the files in ex_8.mxd to answer the following questions. Use the most recent population fields available in the table unless directed otherwise:

  • How many states have counties named for Thomas Jefferson (i.e., how many Jefferson Counties are there)? Which state has the Jefferson County with the most people in the year 2010?
  • How many counties in the United States have more men than women? What percentage of the counties do they represent?
  • How many cities in the United States have more Hispanics than African Americans, a median age greater than 40, and a population between 50,000 and 100,000? List the names of the three largest. (Hint: Do your queries in more than one step.)
  • What percentage of counties in the United States has a river intersecting them? What percentage of the US population lives in these counties?
  • How many counties have more than 1 million people and contain a state capital? List the states these counties are in.
  • How many cities are within 50 miles of a volcano? (Add the volcano feature class from the Usa\usdata geodatabase.) What is the total number of people living in those cities?
  • How many other volcanoes are there within 300 miles of Crater Lake, a volcano in Oregon? How many of these volcanoes are also within 50 miles of an interstate?
  • How many cities in the West South Central subregion of the United States are less than 200 miles from Oklahoma City? Capture a map showing your selected cities.
  • How many capitals are more than 50 miles from a river? Which one has the most people?
  • Congress has awarded FEMA $10 million to help large cities prepare for earthquakes. The cities that qualify for the funding must have more than 500,000 people and be less than 50 miles from one or more earthquakes exceeding 6.0 in magnitude. The bill stipulates that the funding is to be divided among the qualified cities in proportion to their population. Create a feature class that contains only the qualified cities and has a table field listing the amount of funding to be given to each. Capture a view of the table showing the city, population, and funding amount.

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