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exploratory case study writing service

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exploratory case study writing service

How Do You Write a Case Study Outline?

Generally, case studies subscribe to the following outline:


The title of the case study should be thoughtful to capture the attention of the readers. Also, it should capture and show the essence of the case study. The title plays a significant role since, in some instances, it determines if the readers will be interested or not. Always make the title captivating.


An abstract is also referred to as a summary. It is a one or two-paragraph statement that sums up the entire study by detailing what is happening, why you are conducting the survey, when every activity took place or is likely to take place, where the events took place or will take place or usually take place, how the events take place and who are the participants in the study and during the study. This summary introduces your project, the questions in the project, the hypothesis and highlights all the essential findings during the project.


An introduction is sometimes referred to as a background. You describe what you did and give reasons why the study was of interest to you. Generally, the introduction opens the door to the case study and attempts to get the passerby to enter, develop curiosity and read the whole project. In several paragraphs, the introduction entails background information about the space or building, the designer’s intentions, the numerous interesting topics to study, what sparked the curiosity of the entire team, and the various ways or how the team settled for the issue.

exploratory case study writing service


The hypothesis presents the basis of your study, details all the questions that lead to the establishment of the hypothesis, and give reasons and explanations as to why the hypothesis is framed as it is. This is inclusive of the technical background, the interest of the design, the concerns of the occupants, and so much more. Also, include a series of inquiry questions that would provide logic and help you refute or substantiate the hypothesis. These will provide a stepping stone for your methodology.


The methodology describes the step-by-step procedure employed and provides detailed explanations why it is right to the case study in question, providing all the details on how, what, when, where, and who is involved in the study. Also, the methodology should be easily repeatable by another team.


Results are the data of the study. The results present the data collected to provide the reader with the chance to judge the work based on the information you provided. The data should be well organized and keenly processed to the extent that the data is clear, and at the same time, it should not be a summary. Provide all the details that you collected during the study.


An analysis is a detailed explanation and elaborations of what all the information you gathered mean in the context of the project, the hypothesis, and the methods used. The results are facts during an analysis of the interpretation or opinion regarding the collected points.


A conclusion is a fairly concise statement of what you found out after the just-concluded case study and what you have learned. Did you prove the hypothesis? Are you in a position to explain what you realized if unusual things are showing up? Can you recommend further studies in this design or area of performance? Would you suggest improvements in the methodology for future case study developers? What are some of the lessons learned?


Provide a list of all the references you used in the study. Generally, you include the citations of the vital materials for the research and not a long bibliography. Always ensure that the referencing style is as per the instructed style of writing.


It is in acknowledging that you provide thanks to those who motivated you and deserve to be appreciated.


The appendix includes different surveys used, graphs, and information regarding the team as vital to the case study in question.

How Long Should a Case Study Be?

There is no wrong or right in how long a case study should be. However, there are guidelines to follow. The recommended number of pages should be approximately between five to fifteen (5-15). However, this appears to be an inappropriate form to abide by.

How Can I Get a Free Harvard Case Study?

Unfortunately, there is no way to get a free Harvard case study. The students in the institution have to pay a huge sum of fifty dollars ($50) and more for the case packet for every course every quarter. In addition, the HBS or any case studies by themselves are of limited value. Of essence are the discussions held during classes. The professor and the students have detailed conversations about the cons and pros and the various scenarios or developments available or outlined in the case.

Also, most case studies are constructed to entail open-ended events or scenarios primarily to facilitate such discussions. Therefore, the best bet you can take is to contact any current MBA graduate and borrowing the case study materials. However, the institution does now allow borrowing legally.

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exploratory case study writing service

Where Can I Get Free Case Studies?

Some institutions offer free case materials and studies to generate ideas. These sites give different degrees of teaching support. Also, faculty may need to register to gain access to the various available teaching materials and notes.

The following are some of the sites you can get free case studies:

MIT LearningEdge Case Studies

Here you will get the free case studies by MIT Sloan School of management.

Merlot OER Case Studies

Merlot gathers Open Educational Resources. The site has business case materials that may be utilized for free.

Ethics Unwrapped

Concepts unwrapped is a series of animated short videos covering topics in business ethics and behaviour. These videos are available online for free and are accompanied by teaching guides that give a platform for fostering meaningful discussions during classes.

World’s Best-Case Studies

Here you will find short video case studies for consumer services, goods, and technology.

exploratory case study writing service


This site from the Canadian resource for business ethics links to background information on the Enron case. Also, it serves as a portal to other business ethics case study sites.

Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative – Case Studies

Online library of straightforward business cases focused on principle-based ethics, and the University of New Mexico sponsors it.

SHRM Case Studies (Human Resources)

There are available case studies for Human Resource faculty and instructors in the Human Resource classes at learning institutions on this site. This is as expressed in terms of Use for faculty. Teaching notes are also inclusive of each case study. However, the present intention is to make the materials available for free. The site reserve the right to impose charges whenever they deem it necessary to support the program. Nevertheless, currently, these resources are available to everyone free of charge.

Exploratory Case Study in Qualitative Research Pdf

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exploratory case study writing service

What Makes a Case Study Weak?

There is no single doubt that case studies are a necessary and valuable form of research for the various field and industries that utilize them. Nevertheless, in as much as there are advantages, there are disadvantages as well.

The Advantages of Case Studies

The following are some of the advantages of case studies:

Case Studies Entail Intensive Study

The method used in a case study is responsible for intensive and careful analysis of a subject or unit. It is the exploration and investigation of an occurrence deeply and thoroughly. One gets a detailed and in-depth study of an event or a person. This is precisely the case or matter with subjects that cannot be ethically or physically recreated.

Establishing New Research

Case studies are one of the best ways to establish and initiate novel research. For instance, a case study can be created, and in the event, the results are deemed valuable, they can lead to advanced and new research in the particular field of study.

Contradicting the Available and Established Theories or Ideas

In different situations, some theories or ideas may be questioned with case studies. Therefore, conducting a case study is one of how the questions can be answered and comprehensive decisions made. For example, in the case study of John/John, it was believed that sexual and gender identities were nurture constructs and not nature construct.

Providing New Insights

Case studies can provide insight into occurrences or phenomena that one cannot learn in any manner. For instance, the case study about Sidney Bradford, who was blind for ten months, later regained his sight at fifty-two from a corneal transplant.

Disadvantages of Case Study

Inability to Duplicate

Several studies cannot be replicated and thus, cannot be corroborated. Since the research cannot be repeated, it implies that the results and the collected data are only valid for that particular study. For instance, in the Genie case study, Genie was a white American female. Therefore, one cannot tell or even know if someone with a different race, gender, or ethnicity would produce varying results.

Case Studies Could be Subject to Research Bias

It is simple for researchers and authors to develop bias during research used in a case study. This bias can be for the precise subject and in various forms. It could be in the form of data collection or the multiple ways of data interpretation. This is a common practice or occurrence since it is common human nature to be subjective.

No Classification

It is impossible to make a classification since the study is conducted in small units. There is a limited generalization of findings since the study mainly focuses on a small population or group. Nevertheless, it is never a major issue, especially in events where generalization is not one of the key goals of the case study.

exploratory case study writing service

It Takes a Lot of Time – Time Intensive

Conducting a complete and comprehensive case study can be time-consuming. The entire process of collecting data and all essential information for the survey can be time consuming and extensive. It takes a long time for researchers to find the information they are unfamiliar with in most cases. It takes a long time to develop any reliable case study and establish a well-organized and detailed analysis.

Case Studies Have Several Ethical Matters

There are always matters or an issue regarding ethics while conducting a study. And there are several concerns, like at what point do we consider a study unethical? For instance, several ethical concerns surround Genie’s study that has people debating up to today. Issues like, did Genie deserve to live her normal life without being bothered by academics and researchers who strive to use her for studies to further their careers potentially?

High Probability of Errors

The methods used in case studies can be subject to errors of judgement or memory. This is mainly because reconstructing a case relies on human memory, which can contribute to mistakes.

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What Are the Steps of the Case Study Method?

The following are steps on how to write a case study assignment:

Step 1: Carefully Read the Case and the Questions

Take time to read the case study carefully. Make sure that you understand the associated questions. Be keen to note all the essential points in the case. Highlight the issues you can identify.

Read the questions and analyze what is required of you.

Once more, read the case. Link the important information to each of the questions.

Step 2: Identify the Problems

A case study might describe a situation that may come up in a given social or professional context. The case studies usually involve persons in complex situations. The cases often describe problematic situations. They can also provide how the conditions are handled or the depth of their complexity. The most vital section of the answer is analyzing the situation and identifying actions or issues indicated in the case deemed problematic.

Some of the guiding questions include:

  • What are some of the actions undertaken in the case?
  • Were these the most suitable actions? Why do you think so?
  • Were there any implications of the actions taken?
  • Is there anything that was considered or omitted?
  • Was the procedure or action was taken in line with the code of practice, theories, or policies?

exploratory case study writing service

Step 3: Establish a Link Between the Policies or Theories to Practice

At this point, you apply your existing knowledge to theories, codes of practice, and other professional sources. Apply the knowledge in deciding whether the taken actions are appropriate. Also, be keen to note what was done inappropriately. Make sure that you note all the points.

Step 4: Plan How you Will Write and Present your Answers

One of the essential techniques is to use the questions you have as sub-topics. By so doing, you reduce the chance of omitting any question. Therefore, you can take out the headings before you submit the final work. Since the lecturer presents questions logically, make sure you answer the quotations as they appear.

Always make sure there is flow and coherence in your answers.

Step 5: Begin your Case Study Writing

Like any essay or assignment, your case study writing requires an introduction. The next is a comprehensive body answering the questions. Lastly is the conclusion.

  1. Introduction

The introduction should be as clear as possible. It should give the reader information about what you are talking about.

2. Body paragraph

This is where you discuss the answers to the case study. Base the answers to the questions you have. Use them to guide you throughout the entire body.

3. Conclusion of a case study of a student

The conclusion should draw together all the main points. Be sure not to add new information that you have not talked about in the body. Make sure the conclusion gets the readers to think and be satisfied as well.

Step 6: Edit and Proofread the Work

Like you do with any other assignment, ensure that you use the spell checkers to correct any errors. Make sure the paper is easy to read and has flow. Confirm if you have followed all the instructions and guidelines provided. Make sure you have cited all the work you have used from other sources, and the references are well and all included in the list.

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