FDM U7D1 Bibliography Brainstorming

Bibliography Brainstorming

Shareholders Value Theory, Project topic

In Unit 3, you selected and received approval for your project topic, and in the past few units, you should have been working on researching and selecting resources to use for your research paper. For this discussion, post an APA-formatted reference list of at least 10 current (from within the past five years), scholarly resources you intend to use for your final finance paper. Your list of resources should demonstrate a breadth of research appropriate to a doctoral-level research paper.

For each reference, write at least three sentences of synthesis, analysis, and explanation of how the reference will support your research on your topic. These should be in your own words, not be directly from the abstract, and should show an understanding of the article’s importance that reflects an in-depth read of the articles.

Freeman, R. E., & Reed, D. L. (1983). Stockholders and stakeholders: A new perspective on corporate governance. California Management Review, 25(3), 88-106. https://doi.org/10 .2307/41165018

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