film and lit analysis of terror

To be terrorized by one self is frightening enough, Nina for example in the Black Swan. To be terrorized by others creates an equally as frightening political and psychological environment. Groups are indeed powerful; and not always out for the ‘good’. Sometimes groups and political groups in particular, are out not only for their own interests, but to actively hurt others. In this respect, the ‘group’ cannot be considered a progressive political force, but one instead committed to its own ends, no matter what the costs – even if the costs are murder, genocide and the active institution of terror. In the public space, then, we can conclude that more often than not groups are indeed evil, with the potential for murderous action” Comment; draw from the films and the reading in your response. Essays should be 5 pages in length. Essays should be submitted no later than June 28 MOVIES TO REFLECT ON : Hotel Rwanda The Beider Meinhoff Gang City of God Paradise Now BOOK TO REFLECT ON: Jessica Stern, Terror in the Name of God

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