Final Essay


Essay Requirements

  • Minimum of 10 pages in length
  • Double-spaced
  • Size 12 font, Times New Roman
  • Black ink
  • At least 5 reliable, scholarly sources
  • At least 3 other sources – they do not need to be scholarly, but they should be reliable
  • Cover page
  • APA formatted citations are required


Possible Thesis

From being a child to a criminal, juveniles have certain rights that entitles them to be viewed as juveniles, such the seriousness of the crime, age and their mental state. Although, a committed minor can be charged as a juvenile with less time depending on seriousness of the crime, they can be charged as an adult. Although, the Juvenile system isn’t as strict as the adult criminal system, children in the system still face injustice that impact their mental health.


My Annotated Bibliography

Source 1 – U.S. Department of Justice.(Updated  May 19, 2020). RIGHTS OF JUVENILES.

Retrieved from

I will be using this source to support the specific law use in juvenile cases and the specific issues that juvenile deal with while they are in the system, such as mental health care and protection from any  physical and sexual abuse. This source will help me answer my question regarding how juvenile system may impact the mental health of minors in  the system.

Source 2 –  Ryan, F. (2014). Juvenile Rights. In Landmark Cases in Forensic Psychiatry. Oxford University Press. Retrieved from To obtain this document online-  I will use this sources to support  how vulnerable youths are in the criminal justice and how juvenile offenders are also protected by the due process protection where juveniles are entailed to a fair trial without misconduct. This source support my question on what is used to justify whether a minor should be trialed as an adult by me evaluating previous cases.


Source 3 –  Del Carmen, R., & Trulson, C. (2006). Juvenile justice : the system, process, and the law . Thomson/Wadsworth. Retrieved from the SUNY Canton Library-,contains,Juveniles,AND&query=any,contains,Juvenile%20rights,AND&mode=advanced&offset=0. This source will help answer this question: What are some of the sentencing rates for crimes committed by minors? This source will provide more insight on how the juvenile system works and specific laws behind certain crimes which would provide insight on why certain minors receive harsher sentencing.


Source 4-

Mukwende, T. (2014). Reform, reintegrate, rehabilitate – balancing restorative justice and juvenile offender rehabilitation : feature. De Rebus, 546, 33–35.

I expect to use this source  in my final project by answering what are some programs designated to rehabilitate juveniles in the system? This source will help support how reforms implemented the principle of restorative justice to provide juveniles better treatments while in the system. This source will elaborate the importance of reforms to break cycle of crimes with youths in certain communities( re-education programs).


These sources were specifically chosen to support my final paper because they directly answer each of the questions Ii want to address. They each elaborate at least one part of my thesis and as a whole, they provide sufficient information to support my final research paper.

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