Final Paper

Choose an issue/problem where finding solutions has been challenging and complex (e.g. a “wicked problem”). This could be one of the issues you have chosen so far, or a new one. Explore this issue through a systems lens, utilizing the systems tools and practices we have explored so far: habits of the systems thinker, ladder of inference, iceberg, living systems principles, and emergence/emergent strategy. We are practicing together here, and if you are not sure about some of the questions below, just make your best guess!

Briefly describe the issue to us.

Which habits of the systems thinker help you understand this issue more deeply, and how? (Choose at least 4 habits)

Chose at least one of these tools/lenses to make meaning of this issue: the iceberg, ladder of inference, living systems principles, or discussions on emergent strategy to make meaning of this issue, and describe your insights to us. What insights about this issue/problem can these tools/lenses offer you?

Who would need to be involved to work together on systemic interventions and solutions to this issue, and why?

What might be some fruitful questions to ask about this issue? (Helpful open-ended questions about a complex issue often start with a “why” or “how”)?

Without being able to do a detailed systems analysis here, what might be some systemic ways/interventions that address this issue (ideally addressing more than one component of this complex problem)?

What (if any) role could you see yourself playing in finding/facilitating systemic solutions to this issue/problem?

What organization or individuals are you aware of that are working on this issue/problem in ways that address it through a systems perspective (utilizing one or more of the systems habits)? How is this organization effective and how could it be even more effective in addressing the complexity of this issue?


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