Fired Engineer

write an essay APA formatted between 5 to 6 pages answering the questions in the word file no need to look for the source you are limited to use the source that I put in the file and the other file will help to answer the questions.


1-What the intended message was from the fired engineer’s and what was right or wrong in getting his message across to his audience?


2-It was told that the fired engineer’s memo was not meant to disrespect women or minorities but to encourage Google employees to reduce the gender gap in tech employment. From his memo, cite and find examples where this viewpoint perhaps might be justified. Then explain in detail, referencing your citations from his memo, ways he could have changed his memo to communicate the intention of reducing gap gender in tech employment


3-Most of the stuff that he said in his memo was not a fact, but it was an opinion such as “most women are biologically unsuited to working in tech because they were more focused on ‘feelings and aesthetics than ideas’ and had ‘a stronger interest in people rather than things.'” In what ways could the employee have strengthened his memo to persuade his audience using facts rather than opinion?


  1. Google has dealt with criticism that it has not done enough to hire and promote women and minorities. The fired employee simultaneously questioned Google’s recruitment practices for a diverse workforce and argued that the reason there are not a lot of women in tech positions is not because they are being discriminated against, but because they do not want high-stress jobs, are more anxious, and crave more work-life balance than men. Google has long promoted a culture of openness, with employees allowed to question senior executives and even mock its strategy in internal forums. In what ways do you believe this memo crossed the line in advancing harmful gender stereotypes while criticizing Google’s hiring practices?


5-The Google’s CEO response did say that portions of the memo had “violated the company’s code of conduct and crossed the line “by advancing harmful gender stereotypes in our workplace.” Your readings highlight some of the leadership lessons the CEO conveyed in the message of his memo. What do you believe were the most meaningful lessons he demonstrated as a leader?


  1. Social media are digital media/channel combinations that empower stakeholders as participants in the communication process by sharing content, revising content, responding to content, or contributing new content. Why do you believe that this complicates communication in the business context, and in what ways is this memo an example of just how complicated things have become for companies?


  1. Similarly, social media reduces the number of control businesses has over the content and communication process. Google has learned how to adapt its communication efforts to this new media landscape and welcome customers’ participation. When memos like this go public, why is it so important for companies to respond appropriately, such as Twitter or Facebook?


  1. Consider the memo as a product of Google’s internal communication structure is welcoming input from employees. As noted above, companies need to respond to the public if internal communications become public. How do you feel that social media has affected Google’s business communication structure in revolutionizing its internal communication processes and promoting the flow of ideas?


  1. How do you think the internal communications processes in combination with recognizing the role of digital communications in the modern business environments has broken down traditional barriers in the organizational hierarchy


  1. In what ways do you think digital networks’ impact has enabled networks of individuals and organizations to collaborate, share information, and request information? How has it become easier, and in what ways has it become more difficult?




The Google’s CEO response is in this link


Beside the memo and the Google’s CEO response you can only use these as a resource


Write between 5 to 7 pages answering these questions as an essay APA formatted.


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