1. How would you assess the forces that impact competition in the activity tracking industry? Prepare a Five Forces Model of Competition to support your conclusions 2. What are the key success factors for companies operating in or seeking to enter the activity tracking industry? 3. What are the most important elements of Fitbit’s competitive strategy? 4. Perform a SWOT analysis for Fitbit. Based on your assessment of these, what are some strategic options for Fitbit going forward? 5. Analyze the company’s financial performance. Do trends suggest that Fitbit’s strategy is working? 6. What recommendations would you make to Fitbit management to address the most important strategic issues facing the company? These are the questions for the case study. Mandatory sources for referencing including the Annual/Quarterly reports from SEC EDGAR and the Company Website as a primary source. You must have to graphics/charts, those must be captioned, and the source of the graphics must be attributed.

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