Follow Instructions Please

Algebra 1 Final Project Choice Board: FIVE Stars

For your final exam grade, you will complete one (or more) of the following projects. You must earn at least five stars overall. Use the back page to find topics. You must cover at least 5 math topics (bullet points)

overall. You can find all of the information and rubrics for the project below at

ONE STAR k THREE STARS kkk FIVE STARS kkkkk Brochure Create a brochure over one topic. Your brochure should include solved example problems and the steps you use to solve!

Math interview Conduct an interview with someone who does not live in your home about how they use math in their life and job. Complete a reflection. See the project description for more information.

Make a Game! Create a math game that relates to the algebra concepts we have covered this year. Your game should include at least 5 topics that re-teach or reinforce the objectives we have already learned this year. See the project description for more information.

Poster Create a poster over one topic. Your poster should be on a full poster board and include solved example problems and the steps you use to solve! Presentation (Slide show) Create a presentation over one topic. The presentation should be on powerpoint, prezi, google slides, or another approved application. Your presentation should include solved example problems and the steps you use to solve. Book Create a book over one topic. Your book should have at least 8 pages, including a cover. The book should include solved example problems and steps you use to solve.

Calculator project You will create a calculator manual to help fellow students effectively use the calculator to solve math problems. See the project description for more information.


Make a unit review Create a lesson that reviews one entire unit of algebra (with at least 5 topics). Your lesson should include some sort of assessment, as well as a teach piece. See the project description for more information. Song Create a song or rap over one

topic. You must email or upload your video or mp3. Math autobiography Write a one-page “autobiography” of your experiences with math. See the project description for more information. Create your own one-star project (with teacher approval!!)



Possible Topics

Use your notebook, exam review, and the Holt Algebra 1 book to find procedures, steps, and example problems.

Unit 1

• Writing Expressions • Simplifying Expressions • Solving Equations • Literal Equations • Algebraic Proportions • Solving Inequalities

Unit 2

• Domain and Range • Parent Functions • Situation Graphs

Unit 3

• Independent and Dependent Variables • Functions & Relations • Slope • X & Y intercepts • Solving for y • Slope-Intercept Form • Changes and meaning of m & b • Graphing Inequalities

Unit 4

• Standard Form • Point-Slope Form • Writing Equations from a Graph • Parallel and Perpendicular Lines





Unit 6

• Writing Systems • Number of Solutions of a System • Solving Systems by Substitution • Solving Systems by Elimination • Solving Systems by Graphing • Systems of Inequalities

Unit 7

• Exponent Rules • Polynomials • Multiplying binomials • Multiplying polynomials

Unit 8

• Four Term Factoring • Factoring Trinomials

Unit 9

• Properties of Quadratics (vertex, roots, axis of symmetry, etc)

• Transformations of quadratics ( 2y ax c= + ) • Solving Quadratics by…

o Factoring o Square Roots o Quadratic Formula o Graphing

• Solving Quadratic word problems

Unit 10

• Graphing Exponentials • Writing Equations of Functions • Applications of Exponentials • Direct and Inverse Variation

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