Respond to the following questions in a minimum of 175 words:

What is one new feature or function related to spreadsheets that you either learned about for the first time or found most interesting? Give a specific example. How might this feature or function help with a process in either your personal or professional life?



For this assignment, reflect on your reading from Welsch, Vivanco, and Fuentes (2020) in Anthropology: Asking Questions About Human Origins, Diversity, and Culture: Part IV, Chapters 15 (sections 1, 2, 4, and 5) and 17. In your initial post, choose one of these questions to answer:

  • According to Welsch, Vivanco, and Fuentes (2020), what is a totem? Give an example of a totem from your culture and explain how it functions as a totem.
  • When an anthropologist talks about magic, what do they mean? Give an example of this kind of magic in the United States today and explain how it is similar to magic in non-Western societies.
  • According to Welsch, Vivanco, and Fuentes (2020), what are the key features of a ritual? Give an example of a ritual you are familiar with and describe whether or not you think it meets this definition of a ritual.

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